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Easy DIY Envelope Liner Tutorial

Easy DIY Envelope Liner Tutorial

Hey guys! Today, I thought I would share a really Easy DIY Envelope Liner Tutorial – DIY Envelope Liners. Now, I will be using these for my wedding invitations, but this DIY can be applied to many other things – Holiday cards, Thank You notes, Birthday Party invitations, and more. I just love how this little extra step evolved my invitations into something so luxurious, without breaking the bank.

I decided to share this tutorial for all of you after trying to find one on my own. The Knot has a really great tutorial using their own template, but I found that their template just didn’t fit my envelope. I wanted to DIY this part of my invitation suite, but didn’t want it to look DIY. So, I made my own and thought this info would be helpful to other brides looking to add a little extra to their envelopes.

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Here’s what you’ll need for this Easy DIY Envelope Liner Tutorial:

Envelopes (I found mine from this really amazing Etsy seller – BORDERandBLANK)
Chip Board (you can find this at Michael’s/Joann Fabrics in the Scrapbooking section, or you can use the back of an old notebook)
Xacto Knife
Scrapbook Paper (I chose 12×12 sheets of scrapbook paper, you’ll need one sheet per envelope – wait for a sale & use coupons!)
Self-Healing Mat or a protective cutting service
Craftbond Tape (I chose Elmer’s and you can also find this in the scrapbook section)

Easy DIY Envelope Liner Tutorial

The Template

Let’s start with the template. To do this, lay your envelope flat on top of the chipboard and trace the outline with a pencil.

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After your outline has been traced, carefully cut it out with your Xacto knife. I recommend taking your time with this, as you will use this template for all of your lines. You may have to cut your line a few times to get through the chipboard.

Easy DIY Envelope Liner Tutorial

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Once your template has been cut, flip it over with the sticky-side up. Line up your template so that the top of it lies right below the adhesive line. Then flip both items over so you can see the overlap of the chipboard. Trace a line along the bottom of your envelope onto the chipboard.

Easy DIY Envelope Liner Tutorial

On the left and right sides of your template, measure a little off of each side. For my template, I measured about 1/8 inch on each side. This will give a little wiggle-room on each side when placing your liner in the envelope. Once you have your measurements, cut along those lines with your Xacto knife. To made sure my edges are straight, I used my ruler to cut those lines.

When you’ve finished trimming the edges, test out your template by sliding it into the envelope. If you need to trim a little more from the sides and bottom, go ahead and repeat the last step.

Easy DIY Envelope Liner Tutorial

Now that your template is ready to go, you can begin cutting your liners. Start by placing your scrapbook paper face-down on your self-healing mat. Place your template on top in a place where you want to cut. For the pattern of my liner, I preferred the placement right in the center. Once you pick your spot, trace the outline of your template onto the scrapbook paper. Next cut your outline out with your Xacto knife. You could use scissors, but keep in mind the cleanliness of the lines. I opted to use an Xacto knife to ensure clean lines.

Here’s your liner! Now you are ready for placing it into your envelope. You will have a good amount of scrap leftover from each sheet of paper. Alternatively, you could get creative and find a way to use this paper for other aspects of your wedding. (think candy wrappers, tags, or place cards) I plan to use mine to wrap around mini-hershey bars. Something I will have on my cookie table.

Easy DIY Envelope Liner Tutorial

Slide your liner into your envelope and shift it around until you like the placement.

Fold your envelope and crease the line at the top, creating a crease on the liner.

Easy DIY Envelope Liner Tutorial

Using the Craftbond tape, line the folded liner on the top part only. You won’t need to worry about the part of the liner that is in the envelope. I placed three strips of tape on each liner – one on each side of the triangular part. Gently fold up the flap. Take your time on this part – make sure the liner will lie where you want it to. Once placed, gently press down you taped section to secure.

And there you have it! Your own custom envelope liner. Repeat the process for each envelope. Now, this does take time. Don’t rush it. I decided to do mine in sections at a time – maybe 20 or so envelopes at once. Then I would take a break and come back to it in a few days.

I hope that you have found my tutorial for Easy DIY Envelope Liners helpful. If you decide to do this for your own invitations, let me know! I’d love to see what you come up with.


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