Alaina & Brandon | South Park Elopement -

Alaina & Brandon | South Park Elopement

Today’s entry showcases an elopement that I will forever hold in my heart. My best friend, Alaina decided that she wanted to forgo the traditional wedding and elope. My husband is ordained with the Universal Life Church and had agreed to officiate their ceremony. This was the very first marriage for him, so it was a very exciting experience.

I admire the simplicity of this elopement. It really just shows how much Alaina and Brandon love one another. That right there gives me all the feels! After getting ready at home, Alaina and Brandon had a first look in front of their home followed by some portraits with their three dogs. Then we traveled five minutes away to South Park. Here’s the cool part. There was hardly any planning. No reservations, no crowds. We parked, walked into a field and had a wedding. How special is that?! They even brought a little speaker to play music for their first dance. All in all, it was an incredible evening that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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