Pittsburgh Mommy & Me Photo Sessions 2022

Pittsburgh Mommy & Me Photo Sessions Are Here!!

Let’s face it – moms are usually the ones behind their cell phones, getting those perfect giggles and capturing those super cute moments of their kids. If you’re like me – I feel like anytime I hand over my phone to someone else, (no offense to my husband!) it’s always the LEAST flattering, worst angle, weirdest expression. It never fails! So now that I am back in my studio, I saw it fit to debut with session just for the mamas – Mommy & Me Mini Sessions!

Mini sessions are perfect for busy families. They are quick and you are able to get beautiful images without having to break the bank.

Here are some questions I get most regarding these sessions:

  1. How do you book a mini session?

First find a photographer that matches the style that you are wanting. My session this year is indoors – in my beautiful, natural-light studio. (no need to worry about the weather!)

Make sure the date and time works well for you. The later part of the year is filled with back-to-school and holiday things! Picking a time that fits your availability is huge!

If you have children, make sure that the photographer knows how to specifically photograph kids! I don’t think there is anything worse then getting the pictures back of your kids and they are terrible!

Are you a fan of pictures showcasing playful games or posed candids? Make sure you pick a photographer that matches this! Personally, I like to do both, but I love those fun candid moments!

  1. What do you do after you book a mini session?

It is time to plan your outfits! I tend to suggest staying away from reds since they can cast some red shadows on the face, and no one wants their skit to look red!

Check out my blog for outfit ideas: TIPS FOR CHOOSING YOUR FAMILY PORTRAIT OUTFITS

Make sure the family is prepared. Talk to your kids about the session and what to expect. Sessions go so much better when the parents have taken time before to talk with their children!

Check out my blog for preparing kiddos: PREPPING YOUR KIDS FOR YOU PHOTO SESSION

If you want to bring fur babies, let the photographer know! Most of the time, they are okay with it, but it is always important to let them know what to plan on going into it!

I always encourage the fur babies to come, they are part of the family too!

Talk to your photographer to see when you should expect the images back. I tend to make sure my families have their images within 1 week after the shoot.

I am so excited for my Mommy & Me Minis this year! If you are interested in booking or even just chatting more about them, follow this link: ACEVEDO WEDDINGS – MOMMY & ME SESSION.


Want to learn more about the different portrait options that Acevedo Weddings has to offer? Take a look at the details here!


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