Planning Family Photo Outfits

Tips for Planning Family Photo Outfits

Tips For Planning Family Photo Outfits

You booked your family session, now on to the part that gives most moms the biggest headache, planning family photo outfits!! These photos are going to be on your walls and the memories you look back on for years to come. Of course you are going to want them to be perfect!

Don’t you worry, I can help! I have created some tips to help you find the perfect family portrait outfits.

Planning Your Family Outfits for Photos

Planning Your Family Photo Outfits

Plan Your Clothing Ahead!

Once you have booked your session, start thinking about what your family will wear. Make sure the outfits are clean and fit! There is nothing worse than trying on that shirt and realizing your child has outgrown it. If you want for the day of or the day before it can add unnecessary stress before the session!

Coordinate colors, don’t match!

Remember a time everyone wore white t-shirts and jeans for family pictures at the beach? No more! Allow your family’s personality to come through by picking colors and soft patterns. My advice- pick a two to three colors and choose outfits that match that color scheme! Stores like Target and Gap will typically have coordinating outfits for kids!

Look at your home

What better way to pick your color palette than looking at the colors you chose to decorate with in your home? You are going to want these pictures on the walls of your living room, so why not make sure it matches!

Planning Your Family Outfits for Photos

Limit patterns

Consider picking one one outfit for your family that has a pattern with most of the colors in it! After you choose that one, it will be easy to pick coordinating colors for your family. But, not everyone should wear patterns. We want the primary focus on your family and not busy patterns!

Accessorize and Layer!

Here is where you can really show off your family’s personality! Accessories can add so much fun to your final images. Try dressing up Dad with a tie! Mom’s don’t forget to add a necklace to your outfit. Kids can wear suspenders or a flower crown.

Don’t forget to layer and add different textures to your outfits as well. Adding layers and textures will make your outfits seem more elevated! Throw on a jacket, scarf, or belt to add extra depth and sophistication to your outfits.

Leave the characters and logos shirts at home

I know, it’s adorable that your child is so into Disney Princesses or Monster trucks! Characters or big logos on outfits can be very distracting and take away from the main focus- your family!

Planning Your Family Outfits for Photos

Catherine Tip for Planning Your Family’s Wardrobe:

The colors you choose for your family are very important! If you are loving that light and bright style that I do, then this tip is for YOU!

I always recommend selecting lighter tones, jewel tones, or neutrals/whites. To keep the focus on your families faces, avoid  colors such as red and darker colors or busy patterns. The camera loves shades of white and pops of color, mixed with sophisticated colors like heather gray, creams, and navy.

Look for family portrait outfits inspiration? Take a look at my past families on my portfolio page!